Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is something that most people that have a fireplace don’t think about, until its too late that is. When your chimney is clean, it is safe. However, when the flue begins to be clogged, an escalating series of dangers start to happen.

Easy-to-Identify Reasons for Chimney Cleaning

Pollution-First off did you know that a clogged chimney can product carbon monoxide? That’s right, the pollutant that can kill if it is in an enclosed space. A clogged chimney can also cause smoke to flow back into the fireplace and cause respiratory problems including smoke inhalation. In addition, some fireplaces can produce sulfur dioxide, which is highly toxic. If you clean your chimney regularly and properly, you can reduce the risk of pollutants by 80%. Fire Hazards-Fire needs an avenue of escape. A fire that is burning in an open fire pit has a wide open space to work with. A fire burning in a fireplace however uses the chimney as an exhaust pipe to remove any flammable gases and excess heat. Without a clear path, however, the fire’s heat can build up to a point where it combusts and literally explodes out of the fireplace. Other than electrical and gas fires, fireplace fires are one of the biggest causes of home fires.

Why Chimney Inspection Matters

A chimney that needs to be cleaned doesn’t happen overnight as a rule. Usually the debris, contaminants, and dirt build up over time. Any service that knows how to inspect a chinney will be able to spot whether or not a chimney should be cleaned before it becomes a more serious issue. Chimneys only have a few places where they can go wrong, these are: the firebox, the damper, and the flue.

Chimney Components Needing Chimney Cleaning

The firebox is the first place to start. Masonry with cracks and holes is an issue, but an easy one to fix usually by applying cement to seal up the problem areas. As for the damper, it should open and close with ease, and and there should be no evidence of rust, cracks, or pitting. While inspecting the flue, any and all blockages should be removed.